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Plone 3.1 is available on Objectis - 2008-05-27
Plone 3.1 Instances are available on Objectis, they are waiting for you.
Plone 3 to land on Objectis - 2008-05-21
The release of Plone 3.1 will be available soon on Objectis, the free Plone hosting service by Pilot Systems.
Objectis on PythonBrasil - 2005-03-21
Objectis is now listed on the PythonBrasil website, in the list of hosting sites.
Objectis on the Brazilian Tchezope portal - 2004-07-26
Objectis in the link section of the Brazilian Tchezope portal (
Objectis on - 2004-05-30
1st Zope web site design contest with support from objectis ...
Objectis on the hosting page of Russian ZUG - 2003-12-20
Russian Zope and Plone users can now find Objectis on their hosting page
German popular weblog reports Objectis launch - 2003-12-20 weblog reports Objectis launch
Objectis annouced on - 2003-12-20
Objectis announced on, 55 Plone accounts in less than 24 hours !