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New products for plone2 accounts - 2004-05-30
A lot of products are now available for plone2 accounts, check the list here ...
UPgrade of Plone2 accounts to plone 2.0.3 - 2004-05-22
This morning i upgraded all plone2 accounts to plone 2.0.3. in Spanish - 2004-04-25
Since yesterday, web site is available in Spanish ...
New products are available, again - 2004-04-11
FSCounter and PloneCalendar now available ...
CMFSin, CMFBoard and fcForum - 2004-04-04
These products are now available on objectis ...
A more usable forum for Objectis - 2004-03-20
As you can see, we did some restyling of the Objectis forum.
ZMySQLDA now available - 2004-02-08
This product is available since this morning on all Objectis servers.
TTWType, QuickImporter and ZWiki now available - 2003-12-30
TTWType, QuickImporter and ZWiki products are now available on Objectis Service.
New translation - 2003-12-20
German is now available on Objectis web site.
Objectis available in Russian - 2003-10-31
Objectis web site now translated in Russian.
Objectis service is open - 2003-10-28
After long working weeks, the objectis service is now operational