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Thirteenth Plone2 instance - 2005-06-17
A thirteenth instance Plone2 a été ouverte aujourd'hui.
Spam filters and Objectis - 2005-06-09
All Objectis users, please add Objectis on the whitelist of your spamfilter mechanisms.
Cleaning Objectis accounts - 2005-06-09
In order to improve the quality of service, and to restore creation of Plone2 accounts, unused Objectis accounts will be deleted.
PloneGazette NG - 2005-06-01
The PloneGazette NG product is obsolete.
New server status page available - 2005-05-20
The server status page has been enhanced.
WebDAV access to sites has changed - 2005-05-18
Due to several maintenance operations, WebDAV access to Objectis sites has changed.
Important changes in infrastructure - 2005-05-13
Important changes just occured on Objectis, including the transition to the new hosting infrastructure.
Open your Silva site on Objectis ! - 2005-03-15
Objectis is happy to enable its users to open a Silva (a 100% XML content production system) site.
New Objectis server - 2005-03-04
A new Objectis server has been setup, and new Zope instances have been created on it.
10 Zopes for Plone 2 accounts - 2005-01-24
Since january 14th, a new zope instance host Plone 2 objectis accounts.
Open Nuxeo CPS - Collaborative Portal Server on Objectis - 2005-01-14
You can now open Nuxeo CPS Collaborative Portal Server accounts on objectis.
Objectis now translated in Brazilian - 2004-12-02
Since this afternoon, objectis is available in Brazilian ...
Objectis products list updated - 2004-11-19
Epoz, Zwiki and PloneCollectorNG are updated. PloneExtendedTypes and CalendarX are installed (Plone 2 accounts only) ...
New WebDAV access for Objectis sites - 2004-11-04
The Objectis team is pleased to announce the availability of WebDAV access to Objectis sites.
ZPhotoSlides 2.0, ParsedXML 1.4 and other products available - 2004-10-13
ZPhotoSlides 2.0, ParsedXML 1.4, PloneLanguageTool 0.5, I18NFolder 2.02, PloneWebMail 1.0 rc1, TextIndexNG2 are now available on Objectis ...
Objectis server upgrades today for Plone 2 - 2004-08-25
The Objectis hosting farm was upgraded today for Plone 2.
CJKSplitter and ZopeChinaPak now available - 2004-08-03
Some new products are available ...
IRC web access : - 2004-07-26
You can now connect to the #objectis IRC channel though the web.
CMFOpenFlow, CMFTask, CMFBibliography - 2004-07-18
CMFOpenFlow, CMFTask and CMFBibliography are now available ...
Some new products for Plone2 accounts - 2004-07-10
CMFcontentPanels and CPSskins are now available ...