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Objectis server upgrades today for Plone 2

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Two major Objectis upgrades happened today :

  • a new server was set up to support Plone 2 accounts specifically,
  • a new Plone 2 instance was added to the hosting farm, bringing the number of Plone 2 instances from four to five.

Four out of the five Plone 2 instances now run on the new server, which is more powerful than the primary server.

Rationale for the change

Since their availability in May, 2004, more than 1,800 Plone 2 accounts have been created on Objectis.

Due to the heavier strain that Plone 2 puts on the hosting server, compared to Plone 1, the initial server was quickly brought down to its knees. As a result, users experienced more server downtimes and lack of performance during the last two or three weeks.

The Objectis server farm was upgraded today to support the growing number of Plone 2 accounts.

User-visible changes

  • Access to Plone 2 accounts should now be faster than they were until now.
  • The SpeedPack product was installed on the new server to speed up Plone 2 accounts. However, this product has a caching side effect which prevents skin customizations to propagate unless the SpeedPack product is installed into Plone using the Portal Quickinstaller (either in ZMI or in the Plone Management Interface). Users should therefore install this product for a better Plone experience.
  • Due to these changes, all Plone 2 accounts were unreachable for about 20 minutes today. We apologize for any inconvenience.

The Objectis Team.

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