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all_news Objectis on the Brazilian Tchezope portal
Objectis in the link section of the Brazilian Tchezope portal (
all_news CJKSplitter and ZopeChinaPak now available
Some new products are available ...
all_news CMFOpenFlow, CMFTask, CMFBibliography
CMFOpenFlow, CMFTask and CMFBibliography are now available ...
all_news New translation
German is now available on Objectis web site.
all_news ZPhotoSlides 2.0, ParsedXML 1.4 and other products available
ZPhotoSlides 2.0, ParsedXML 1.4, PloneLanguageTool 0.5, I18NFolder 2.02, PloneWebMail 1.0 rc1, TextIndexNG2 are now available on Objectis ...
all_news CMFSin, CMFBoard and fcForum
These products are now available on objectis ...
all_news New products are available, again
FSCounter and PloneCalendar now available ...
all_news New products for plone2 accounts
A lot of products are now available for plone2 accounts, check the list here ...
all_news Some new products for Plone2 accounts
CMFcontentPanels and CPSskins are now available ...
all_news New WebDAV access for Objectis sites
The Objectis team is pleased to announce the availability of WebDAV access to Objectis sites.
all_news Open Nuxeo CPS - Collaborative Portal Server on Objectis
You can now open Nuxeo CPS Collaborative Portal Server accounts on objectis.
all_news Objectis now translated in Brazilian
Since this afternoon, objectis is available in Brazilian ...
all_news IRC web access :
You can now connect to the #objectis IRC channel though the web.
all_news Objectis annouced on
Objectis announced on, 55 Plone accounts in less than 24 hours !
all_news Objectis on
1st Zope web site design contest with support from objectis ...
all_news Objectis products list updated
Epoz, Zwiki and PloneCollectorNG are updated. PloneExtendedTypes and CalendarX are installed (Plone 2 accounts only) ...
all_news Objectis available in Russian
Objectis web site now translated in Russian.
all_news in Spanish
Since yesterday, web site is available in Spanish ...
all_news Objectis server upgrades today for Plone 2
The Objectis hosting farm was upgraded today for Plone 2.
all_news Objectis service is open
After long working weeks, the objectis service is now operational
all_news UPgrade of Plone2 accounts to plone 2.0.3
This morning i upgraded all plone2 accounts to plone 2.0.3.
all_news Objectis on the hosting page of Russian ZUG
Russian Zope and Plone users can now find Objectis on their hosting page
all_news German popular weblog reports Objectis launch weblog reports Objectis launch
all_news Open your Silva site on Objectis !
Objectis is happy to enable its users to open a Silva (a 100% XML content production system) site.
all_news A more usable forum for Objectis
As you can see, we did some restyling of the Objectis forum.
all_news TTWType, QuickImporter and ZWiki now available
TTWType, QuickImporter and ZWiki products are now available on Objectis Service.
all_news ZMySQLDA now available
This product is available since this morning on all Objectis servers.
all_news Important changes in infrastructure
Important changes just occured on Objectis, including the transition to the new hosting infrastructure.
all_news Cleaning Objectis accounts
In order to improve the quality of service, and to restore creation of Plone2 accounts, unused Objectis accounts will be deleted.
all_news Thirteenth Plone2 instance
A thirteenth instance Plone2 a été ouverte aujourd'hui.
all_news Upgrade of products
Upgrades were done on products CMFBoard and CMFPhoto. Pay attention, for CMFBoard, you need to upgrade your installation.
all_news Temporary suspension of Plone2 accounts
All our Plone2 instances being full, the creation of new Plone2 accounts is temporarly suspended.
all_news Opening of Plone 2.1 accounts
Plone2.1 accounts are now open on
all_news Power outage in Red Bus datacenter
After a power outage in the Red Bus datacenter, the server 'groucho' isn't answering anymore.
all_news Temporary closure of the forum due to massive spam
Due to a massive spam attack during the night, write access to the forum is temporarly suspended.
all_news Forum is back
Objectis Forum is back with a Captcha system
all_news Hardware failure on "groucho"
Due to a hardware failure on the server "groucho", several web sites were unreachable since last week. The services were transfered on a new server.
all_news extendednews.2007-03-12.8401284704
all_news Profitez des places disponibles pour une formation au développement Plone en mars 2007
Pilot Systems propose une session de formation supplémentaire au développement Plone, au mois de mars ou début avril 2007. Une excellente occasion de se former à Plone, pendant une semaine, avec un formateur compétent et pédagogue.
all_news Resuming processing of validation code requests
The Objectis team is happy to inform you that we are resuming the processing of validation code requests.
all_news New products for Plone 2.5
New products have been installed on Objectis Plone 2.5 instances: StructuredDocument, SignableEvent, Portletification, MPoll and PloneFormGen.
all_news Shortage of Plone 2.5 slots
All the Plone 2.5 slots are currently in use. We'll create a new Zope instance soon, thank you for waiting.