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Objectis hosting free Plone 4 websites - 2011-06-10
It is now possible to create Plone 4 websites on Objectis.
Neoppod on Objectis - 2010-06-07
The distributed architecture Neoppod lands on Objectis, with new Plone 3.3 accounts !
Recovery of Plones 2.1 instances after the blackout of yesterday - 2009-12-13
Temporary downtime on Plone 2.1 instances due to hardware failure - 2009-12-13
Due to a hardware failure on a server, Plone 2.1 accounts are temporary unavailable, and Plone 2.0 accounts are in degraded mode. We are doing our best to restore service as soon as possible.
The Plone 3.1.1 instances have been updated to Plone 3.1.7 - 2009-10-30
Objectis starts its migration to Pilot Systems high performance virtualized platform - 2008-04-10
To improve overall stability and performance of the Objectis platform, we are moving some nodes of the Objectis cluster to our new high performance virtualization platform. Expect short downtimes during the migration.
Join Objectis group on Facebook - 2007-10-03
Pilot Systems creates a group for Objectis on Facebook
XVème apéro Plone - 2007-09-20
Rejoignez-nous le 21 septembre 2007 à 17h chez Pilot Systems
New Plone 2.5 instance - 2007-09-20
A new Plone 2.5 instance has been created. You can once again open Plone 2.5 accounts on Objectis.
Shortage of Plone 2.5 slots - 2007-09-06
All the Plone 2.5 slots are currently in use. We'll create a new Zope instance soon, thank you for waiting.
New products for Plone 2.5 - 2007-06-22
New products have been installed on Objectis Plone 2.5 instances: StructuredDocument, SignableEvent, Portletification, MPoll and PloneFormGen.
Resuming processing of validation code requests - 2007-05-15
The Objectis team is happy to inform you that we are resuming the processing of validation code requests.
Hardware failure on "groucho" - 2007-02-12
Due to a hardware failure on the server "groucho", several web sites were unreachable since last week. The services were transfered on a new server.
SpamBots on Objectis - 2006-08-31
Bots spamming on your Objectis website
Forum is back - 2006-06-15
Objectis Forum is back with a Captcha system
Temporary closure of the forum due to massive spam - 2006-06-12
Due to a massive spam attack during the night, write access to the forum is temporarly suspended.
Power outage in Red Bus datacenter - 2006-03-27
After a power outage in the Red Bus datacenter, the server 'groucho' isn't answering anymore.
Opening of Plone 2.1 accounts - 2005-11-23
Plone2.1 accounts are now open on
Temporary suspension of Plone2 accounts - 2005-09-06
All our Plone2 instances being full, the creation of new Plone2 accounts is temporarly suspended.
Upgrade of products - 2005-07-27
Upgrades were done on products CMFBoard and CMFPhoto. Pay attention, for CMFBoard, you need to upgrade your installation.