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Electronic mailboxes

For general purpose informations, please contact
But if you encounter serious technical problems, see the technical support page.

Postal address

c/o Pilot Systems
66 rue de Provence
75009 Paris


For any information that needs a direct contact by phone, you may call Pilot Systems at +33 (0)1 44 53 05 55. This phone number is reserved to press contacts, and in case of really serious problems (like any abusive usage of Objectis). Please note that no technical question will be resolved by phone.


You may contribute to Objectis in several ways:

  • Service localization : you can help to translate in a new language.
  • Sponsorship : You want to associate your name with this initiative? Direct costs are numerous: bandwidth, dedicated server, etc. If you participate financially in this service, you may retain the attention of a lot of Zope developers and the whole open source community.

Contact us at