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Zope 空间的管理口令修改?

Post  Zope 空间的管理口令修改?
Author: Zoomq  Send Email
Date: 2005-01-13 08:40 AM

还是原始的 Zope 空间快! 也容易开发小东西! 但是! when i try edit my passwd in ZMI Error like this: """Zope Error

Zope has encountered an error while publishing this resource.

Error Type: AttributeError Error Value: name

Troubleshooting Suggestions

  • The URL may be incorrect. The parameters passed to this resource may be incorrect. A resource that this resource relies on may be encountering an error.

For more detailed information about the error, please refer to the HTML source for this page.

If the error persists please contact the site maintainer. Thank you for your patience. """

what happen ? and cread user in "acl_users" is all can not edit again!! Zope is error????


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  Re:Zope 空间的管理口令修改? (Rimifon - 2005-07-18 10:45 AM)