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Installing Add-ons

Post  Installing Add-ons
Author: faif
Date: 2011-04-29 09:16 PM


At the moment the only ways that I know for installing add-ons is described here:

I guess none of them is possible on objectis right? Are there any possible ways of doing that or we have to live with the default installation?


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  Jackie,I met you at (Kone - 2013-10-16 10:12 AM)

Jackie,I met you at a journalism that Matters cneeorfnce in St Petersburg a few years ago. I was very interested what you were up to and how you talked about the work . We are am looking for someone like you to help build a network and help us broaden our. The website above gives a hint. The book Abundant Community gives more. Would like to talk to you. If interested, get in touch. In any event, I learned a lot for you and am thankful. Looks like you are doing well, which is no surprise. Blessings, Peter

  I use WordPress a LO (Mercedes - 2013-10-17 01:46 AM)

I use WordPress a LOT. The more I use it, the more powerful I find it. With the plginus for multiple users, SEO title tags and the like, I find it every bit as powerful as a real CMS I've been corrected before for calling it other than a real CMS, and I'm beginning to see the point. The fact that WP is so perfect for one-user sites is what makes it ideal for me, but I use it for bigger projects too. I used to charge more for installing WP (or any other CMS) than for creating a static site, but not so any more. I'm comfortable enough with the process and the package that I can install WP in less time that it would take me to create a static framework. The stylesheet takes the same amount of time as that for a static site, so I now charge the same, which naturally means more people want the CMS.

  What is the problem (Michael - 2013-10-14 04:20 PM)

What is the problem you are hvinag implementing the State template on Plone? A little over a year ago I played with trying to implement the State template on Joomla (another open source CMS). I really only ran into one problem: the current State template utilizes a double span tag method to apparently cause the rounded corner effect to show up properly on the top menu tabs. I could not get the Joomla menu system code to work properly with the double span tags.I noticed that when another agency tried to implement Google Translate on their site, that the effect on their menu tabs was the same end result problem I got with trying to do the State template on Joomla. Maybe your problem is with the double span tags also?

  Re: Installing Add-ons (faif - 2011-05-09 02:41 PM)

Any tips about this issue?