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I use WordPress a LO

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Author: Mercedes  Enviar Email
Date: 2013-10-17

I use WordPress a LOT. The more I use it, the more powerful I find it. With the plginus for multiple users, SEO title tags and the like, I find it every bit as powerful as a real CMS I've been corrected before for calling it other than a real CMS, and I'm beginning to see the point. The fact that WP is so perfect for one-user sites is what makes it ideal for me, but I use it for bigger projects too. I used to charge more for installing WP (or any other CMS) than for creating a static site, but not so any more. I'm comfortable enough with the process and the package that I can install WP in less time that it would take me to create a static framework. The stylesheet takes the same amount of time as that for a static site, so I now charge the same, which naturally means more people want the CMS.