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sftp and ssh support?

Post  sftp and ssh support?
Author: faif
Date: 2011-04-28 02:44 PM

I'm looking for ways of restoring my plone site, but ZMI import doesn't work since the .zexp file reaches the maximum file size limit supported by Zope.

Thus I'm trying to create the import directory and upload the .zexp file in there. webdav works fine, but it's very limited. I can't create a directory.

sftp and ssh are installed, but the same account which works for Plone and webdav doesn't work for those services.

Any tips?

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  Re:sftp and ssh support? (Gael - 2011-04-28 02:58 PM)

I'm sorry, but due to the huge number of sites hosted (freely) by Objectis (almost 20k) we can't provide ssh access. Doing so securely would require having a different Unix user and Zope instance for each account which would greatly increase the resources usage.

On the free hosting, you'll have to do with what can be done through the Zope interface, with Zope-level security ensuring the separation between different accounts.

 Re:Re:sftp and ssh support? (faif - 2011-04-28 03:53 PM)

I see. Is there a way to increase the limit of the minimum file size of the Zope quick importer? My file is ~25MB. If not, I'll have to develop a new homepage from scratch :)

Thanks for the information.

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