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WebDAV connection problem

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Author: Eiji  Send Email
Date: 2010-12-01 10:26 AM

Hi, I have problem connecting to my site using WebDAV. I followed FAQ found on this site by following Community > FAQ > My Objectis account > How can I access my Objectis site using WebDAV.

NetDrive gives me an error message "Mounting drive X: failed Login failed. Please check the internet connection." In it I am using user account for my web site with manager right.

I opened firewall port 81 for UDP/TCP on F-secure with no success. I succeeded to connect to other sites using FTP protocol of WebDAV.

Site setup > Zope Management Interface > Security > WebDAV access, then check on Manager. This seem to have no effect, either.

Working environment is NetDriver ver / Windows 7 Ultimate (English).

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  Re:WebDAV connection problem (Davi Amorim - 2012-02-14 07:50 PM)

have the same problem. I also have a problem accessing Gnome / Linux