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a product someone may find useful: italianskin

Post  a product someone may find useful: italianskin
Author: Elisabetta Roggero
Date: 2008-09-01 06:52 PM

hi everybody, i'd like to share my experience with Plone, that was building a product called italianskin, but it has not much to do with italian language, it's a product important in Italy since Stanca law (the most strict law in europe) about accessibility and that meant plone was cut out for accessibility troubles for public administration site or such general or local government sites. with this product plone front-end code is totally xhtml 1.0 strict, we builded a brend new one for plone 3.1 too, that was a hard but satisfying work and in the future is planned to be accessible also in plone back-end. actually i prepared also a tableless completely flexible (it is not in the product) css but as you may imagine there's some problems if columns are not 3 (in case unique or just two). anyone who's interested in the product can find it at but if someone is interested in tableless work and has knowledge of python, contact me . Thanks a lot for your time, attention and space. E. Roggero