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Código validation

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Author: Marcos Soares da Silva  Send Email
Date: 2008-01-30 01:58 PM

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In Plone 2.x of the based one of the projects of the two of validation paragraph of the code of would like to ask for one of I of the Good diameter of no Objectis server. We are of Brasilia-DF/Brazil

We need Us to divulge as of the Associations of Association ONG Force Nacional and Senalba Union of the one of the one of the activities.

Att: Marcos Soares


Hi, You are recieving a Validation Code from Objectis. This code is validwith no time limit. It allows you to create one or more Plone siteson the Objectis Infrastructure. The Objectis service is created, maintained and hosted by Pilot Systems,a company specializing in development and deployement of Python, Zopeand Plone applications. Your Validation Code:mAIBJsYSsVEJ This Validation Code is valid for 1 site(s). Remaining site(s) : 1