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My New Instance + Permissions Problems.

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Author: jorge neto  Send Email
Date: 2007-09-26 01:09 AM

Hello objectis users. This is a nice service and it's wonderful too. Thanks Objectis / Pilot Systems.

( Hope this text doesn't get de-structured. ) My account/site has just started and I have been trying to change my small site skin and it has developed a mind of its own.

Now I have problems with Log In (as a manager or owner) and I have to write in the browse address bar to become logged in. Also, I changed some navigation icons and now the "email this page..." icon never appears anymore. Strange.

I checked http and ram cache and user permissions for 10 days but nothing worked. I would try ZMI/root_folder/portal_setup/import + "Import all steps" but I am affraid to make it even worse.

Can my account-shared-instance be restarted or re-created (I don't have content yet, so no problem)? - and where do I ask for this ?

Would someone manually check my user permissions ? The site is

Thanks in advance. JN