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WebDAV access to new site

Post  WebDAV access to new site
Author: Dave S  Send Email
Date: 2007-07-13 11:38 PM

Hi all:

I have enabled WebDav access to the root site (and the photo folder I am interested in) via the Zope management interface, including to anonymous. Nmap shows that port 81 is open on the site. However, I cannot access the site via and get an error showing "Bad Gateway". I have tried accessing other objectis hosted sites using Web Folders on windows without problems, so that part of WebDav is working.

I have looked at the FAQ regarding WebDAV.

Any ideas?

Dave S.

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  Re:WebDAV access to new site (damien - 2007-08-16 08:01 PM)


Actually, giving us your site name would probably have helped much more than you scanning the ports of our server. :)

If what you need is upload files to your Zope or Plone account, you do not have to use a special WebDAV port. Just use as the URL of your web folder and it will just work.

However, if you need to access the source of the contents via WebDAV, you need to use a specific, WebDAV-enabled port (and not the standard HTTP port). I am not sure if we still provide this access, so feel free to ask through the technical support form if you need that.