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Change site/account name?

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Author: Scott Nourse  Send Email
Date: 2007-05-27 03:07 PM

Is it possible to change a site/account name?

I'm planning to move my current Plone2 site ( to a Plone2.5 site.

I'd like to end up with the same account name if possible.

Can a name be changed once it's created?

I think I have two options-

1) setup the plone 2.5 account with another name (, - copy/paste/duplicate stuff from the current site to the new site - once the new site is up and running, delete the old site and change the name of the new site to


2) Backup / download the old site locally and either by the export function or one page at a time. - Unfortunately the export function for the site seems to fail with an out of memory error - This would leave the site down awhile, but it is summer (no snowmobiling) so it wouldn't be terrible - If the site export worked, would it be possible to import into the new site? Do all the products exist in Plone2.5? would it match up?

Is there and easier or automated way to switch over site names?

Thanks, Scott

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  Re:Change site/account name? (wimbou - 2007-06-20 08:18 PM)

Hi Scott,

I don't think it's possible. What you could do is by a damin like: and redirect that to your objectis account and use "frame forwarding". will then contain all your objectis "stuff"



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