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Author: Brian  Send Email
Date: 2003-12-15 08:16 AM

Could anyone give me some instruction on how to get Photo Album working on within my "objectis" Plone site?

Thanks in advance. Brian

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  Re:Photo Album (Zyon - 2003-12-15 10:02 AM)

Please read the faq

 Re:Re:Photo Album (Brian - 2003-12-16 02:29 AM)

Thanks.... I didn't find much help in the FAQ, but another user emailed me personally with help (thanks DTox).

I have everything installed now, but only those with manager status (in spite of the Album and subdirectories/subfiles being set to published) can view them.

Hints appreciated....I will continue to search.


 Re:Re:Re:Photo Album (davewave - 2003-12-16 09:04 AM)

Maybe you can post on this forum a part of Dtox's answer ? That will then help other people, and we might publish it in the FAQ.

Regarding your rights problem, we'll have a look and try to help.

 Help from Dtox (Brian - 2003-12-17 06:49 AM)

Hope you don't mind me posting this, Dtox...thanks

Here's what he sent me. ******* If you have created your photo album in the root folder and it just is not showing up in the navigation you will probably just need to publish it.

If you are asking how to install the Photo Album add on, i.e. do not have CMF Photo Album and CMF Photos in the drop down add menu, then the easiest way to do it is to first install the CMF Quickinstaller Tool add on and then use it to install the CMFPhotoAlbum and CMFPhoto.

To install and use CMF Quickinstaller you need to: 1) Go into the ZMI, Zope Management Interface 2) Then from the drop down add box add CMFQuickInstallerTool. This should add portal_quickinstaller into your root folder. 3) Go to portal_quickinstaller. 4) Select the products you want installed (CMFPhoto & CMFPhotoAlbum) *****

This worked great to install the product, but inspite of permissions being set to anonymous view (in all the right places, I think), the only person who can see the pictures is someone with management rights.


 Permissions fixed (Brian - 2003-12-20 06:52 PM)

I was able to fix my permission problem by setting the security "List folder contents" to "member." Now, the photo album is available to members only. If I set it to anonymous, it is available to all.

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