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Author: Andre  Send Email
Date: 2003-12-10 04:10 PM

Hello, I have 2 questions.

  1. Is´ there any plan to update the Plone Incstance to Plone 2?
  2. Is´ there any possibility to make ab backup from the Content of a Plone Instance?

Thank you, André Oetting

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  Re:Plone2 (davewave - 2003-12-11 11:14 AM)

Hi André,

  • For Plone 2, we are going to open a new Zope instance dedicated to 2.0, with a new radio button on the subscription page, allowing to create a Plone 1 or Plone 2 account. We do not upgrade Objectis sites to newer versions of Plone, except for minor releases and SecurityFixes
  • For back-up, we do back-up the whole data.fs everyday, but this is for internal use (if we burn a hard drive for example).

In case you want to restore your site from the back-up, we can do that for 500 euros, please check this page :

And please read the FAQ ;) :