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Author: shibumi  Send Email
Date: 2003-12-09 08:20 AM

how can i do this?

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  Re:ftp access (davewave - 2003-12-09 02:28 PM)

Please provide the url of your Objectis site, so that i can provide the right url to ftp inside.

  Re:ftp access (damien - 2003-12-11 11:42 AM)


For now, it is not possible to ftp to your account. Sorry.

We do provide HTTP redirection for objectis accounts, but we do not provide the same for FTP requests.

It would need some developments on the servers, but it is not (yet) a priority.

-- Damien, for the Objectis team

 Re:Re:ftp access (damien - 2003-12-12 04:28 PM)

Erratum: it is possible to connect by FTP.

See this post, the new FAQ entry and this mini how-to.

  Re:ftp access (Anoush Najarian - 2003-12-11 08:45 PM)

I think it would be very important and very useful to have FTP access, actually. Is there a chance you would reconsider your decision? I think if we ask the other users, most would agree.

For example, I would like to upload a number of image files to my site (small files, but many of them). There is no good way to do it now... FTP-ing would have been a great help for people who have some existing material they would like to use on their Plone sites.

I am wondering, do you have FTP access disabled? Because I thought the way Plone install works, it would be extra work to switch FTP access off, not to turn it on?

Thanks, and keep up the good work! A

 Re:Re:ftp access (damien - 2003-12-12 04:25 PM)

Roger that. FTP access is now possible.

Note that the FTP port depends on your account alias, and that you rFTP client must be in passive mode. A mini how-to is available at

 Re:Re:Re:ftp access (yish - 2003-12-19 04:10 PM)

Um. I followed the instructions, got the port and dicertory for my site, used passive mode. I can log in, pwd and cd - but not list or upload!

 Re:Re:Re:Re:ftp access (damien - 2003-12-19 04:39 PM)

"It works for me." (tm)

Please double-check your username and your password. The FTP server will grant you access whatever username/password you give it: it will say Login successful but you will not be able to do anything.

If you have checked that, please help us to help you. Give us more informations about how you encounter the problem: what is your username, what ftp client did you use, how did you use it, etc.?


  Re:ftp access (zyon - 2004-03-31 05:15 PM)

Please check the FAQ modifications for more informations.

  You've got it in one (Collin - 2014-03-11 01:24 PM)

You've got it in one. Cou'ndlt have put it better.

  I guess finding usef (Margarita - 2014-03-12 06:06 AM)

I guess finding useful, reliable inmiofatron on the internet isn't hopeless after all.