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What is objectis ?

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Objectis is a new free service that lets you manage your own Zope or Plone applications. Whether you are an intermediate Zope developer and want to have your own dynamic web site, a content manager addict and want to have your own Plone to play with, or you only want to try out Zope and Plone, Objectis is made for you.

After we will have checked your e-mail address, you will get an account on a sub-domain of Objectis: your URL will be like You will have a Manager role in this account, plus Reviewer and Member roles in Plone. So you can manage this account by the ZMI or the PMI, as you would do with any Zope or Plone instance.

Why this service?

We strongly believe in the power of Zope and Plone, with this service we would like:

  • to democratize non-commercial Zope and Plone hosting solutions, to promote Zope and Plone use in France, Europe and the rest of the world ;
  • to give you the possibility to share with your collaborators, customers or friends what may be a Zope or Plone site, without having to ask to a "not-really-free" professional ;
  • provide developers an account on a external machine, not a local server.

On this site

A brief overview of Zope and Plone gives you some links to several useful external resources.

Objectis is a free service. Hosting does have rules that are important to read. In particular, Objectis does not offer any space for commercial use, and you have to note that contents that may be considered harmful are absolutely forbidden. For security reasons, only a limited set of Zope products is available.

You can report your problems and discuss with other users in the forum. A FAQ is also available. Think about carefully reading it before asking anything in the forum or contacting the technical support.

And, last but not least, Objectis is an open service which you may contribute to, by translating this site, or giving a technical or financial help.