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Contribute to objectis

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You may contribute to Objectis in several ways:

Service localization

We want to provide this service to francophone users (because we are), but also to those that do not speak any word of French. We would like Objectis to be used by international people. So it must be translated and adapted to several languages.

Now this service is available in French, in English (or in something that is pretty close to English) and in Russian. German and Hebrew versions are under construction and will soon be finished. If you want to contribute to this service and translate it, please contact us. The credits of each version will thank the contributors and give some of their links. And, eventually, gigantic statues of these fellow partners will be erected in our office. That sounds cool, doesn't it?

Service administration

It is not an easy task to manage a service like Objectis. You may contribute in three ways:

  • manage the language-specific content: responsibility of a space provider is important in France (where the site is hosted). We obviously do not want to give space for harmful content (racist or pornographic content, etc.). The opening of a site in a language that we do not know can only be possible if you help us.
  • technical management: some help by Zope specialists will always be appreciated. We may open our CVS and the server ZMI to those who want to help on such things.
  • monitor the system: space providing is a real-time activity. Help us to give you the greatest possible quality of service.


You want to associate your name with this initiative? Direct costs are numerous: bandwidth, dedicated server, etc. If you participate financially in this service, you may retain the attention of a lot of Zope developers and the whole open source community.